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Easy 5 Tips I use to Write a Screenplay, Taboos, You Should Break

  1. I use my pain and anger, to tell a story. Like getting a new pair of glasses, once examined and expressed, I get greater clarity of vision and understanding of Myself. Otherwise, the emotions would be buried deep inside, metamorphosis into negative energies, creating greater pain and suffering, even to physical ill health. Whether a book, story, real life events, pictures etc., anger is a powerful tool, I use to express myself. You can use the emotion to create the emotional experience for the audience.

  2. I write using my experiences. It’s my journey of accomplishment of some sort. My experience, my journey is unique to me, its what makes me different. Once expressed it might be more commonly felt then you thought. I feel it is important to be honest as one possibly can be to oneself, therefore your own experience is more of a reflection of truth as best one can feel. An inner journey of transformation can be expressed through characters’ challenges and conflicts depicted in a story.

  3. I write what fascinates me, could be an idea such as systematic abuse of power, not everyone will like it, a few may be inspired by it. Others may hold different perspectives, ultimately it all leads to common human values which we all share.

  4. I visualise the story first, my unique take on it, it might not be Spielberg but its original. Does success imply a blockbuster? Or if a film can it make a difference, to one or two people, does it make it a success?

  5. I think ahead of the costs of production. An expensive story is great to write but if you do not have the finance to film it, i.e. in Space, then it is best be realistic or be very imaginative. Imagination is a powerful gift; I’m learning to use mine. That’s why independent film is so important. Please Support Independent film makers. Subscribe to

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