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HowThe Film is CompletedCan Help YouLive a Better Life

Hi Dear friends,

We, Nitya Productions in association with DarlyVision Productions have made a feature documentary film, Guru Muni - Being And Becoming, on behalf of Narayana Gurukula. The making of the film has been an amazing experience and working with over 60 people on the film has been a learning curve.

We are thrilled to say the film is now complete and ready for the theatre screens!

The documentary film Guru Muni -Being and Becoming has taken me personally through deep emotions of joy and at times doubt, doubt in myself as the director. Focusing on what needed to be done when it needed to be done helped rather than focusing on the whether the film would be good enough.

In the making of the documentary film, I have rekindled my connection with Kerala and Eastern philosophy through Narayana Gurukula, this has been for me an inspiring and a very humbling experience. I feel I have learned so much more about my culture than ever before, and I feel proud of my Kerala heritage as well as my British identity.

Whether one is British or Indian, film transcends country and language, taking one to an emotional destination. We all show emotions through similar behaviours no matter where we live.

We want to say a big thank you for joining the DarlyVision web page and showing your support, we will be keeping everyone updated with more information.

We value your support!


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