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Guru Muni - Being & Becoming 

A documentary drama film produced by Nitya Productions in association with DarlyVision Productions is now available on YouTube.

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Thanks for your views , likes and kind comments.

Thank you to everyone who joined the Guru Muni-Being & Becoming Screening , and a big thank you to those who watched it on YouTube.

 DarlyVision Productions and Nitya Productions have now got a combined total of over 4,000 views on YouTube, on this insightful documentary.











The documentary film depicts the life of Guru Muni Narayana Prasad,

the current head of Narayana Gurukula, in Kerala.

A drama documentary film for social change. Are you searching for ultimate freedom, then this is the film for you.
After a chance meeting with a Guru, a young boy upon losing his mother, has a desire to become the Guru's disciple, versus the wishes of his father and social practices.


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From plot analyses to overall reflections, take a look at some of the comments and reviews DarlyVision Productions  has recently received from the industry’s most well-known sources, critics and publications.

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Knock of Janus 

The short film, is about the experience of the transformation process of a woman

going through the menopause.  Can Vicky, the main character, reconnect with her creative nature,

and allow herself to re-establish her true Self?

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