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DarlyVision Productions create captivating visual arts that inspire, with a team of experienced experts passionate about creativity.

Exciting contest for writers, storytellers, and filmmakers 18+ to showcase their short story
In support of SNGM , a local charity in East Ham, London.
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The documentary drama film "Guru Muni-Being & Becoming" is now accessible, produced by Nitya Productions in collaboration with DarlyVision Productions.

DarlyVision Productions would like to express their gratitude to all viewers, supporters, and fans who joined the Guru Muni-Being & Becoming Screening. Your support and engagement helped us reach 6000 views, likes, and kind comments on our latest project with Nitya Productions.

We are excited to share our future projects with you and appreciate your continued support. 

The Film is About

In this captivating documentary, we delve into the life of Guru Muni Narayana Prasad, the esteemed leader of Narayana Gurukula in Kerala. Our team had the privilege of spending time with him, gaining valuable insights into his teachings and the profound impact he has had on countless. Through his inspiring story, we hope to share his message and inspire around the world.

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A heart-warming documentary feature film titled “The Thrill of Going Solo” celebrates the power of friendship as two women from diverse backgrounds form an unbreakable bond while creating a film during the Covid lockdown. The documentary explores their personal stories and the values installed in them by their mothers, showcasing the power of human connection.

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