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Knock of Janus

The short film, is about the experience of the transformation process of a woman going through the menopause.  

Can Vicky,  reconnect with her creative nature, whereby
allowing herself to re-establish  with her true Self ?



Vicky: Melanie Palmer
Neighbour: Sutha Mohandas
Friends' Voices: Andrea Tteja, Del Wilson
TV Presenters Voice: Marianne Halliday

Sound: John Ryder
Editor: Paul Martin
Colourist: Jason Lee Weidner
Sound Mix: Ryerson Sound Solutions
Hair: Zarina Viswambaran
Make-up: Anisha Anandan
Production design: Pravin Vijay & Zani Vijay
Lyrics: Saleena Sadasivan
Original Music Score: Del wilson
"Love Song to the Self" sung by Marianna Halliday"

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