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We’re proud to share some of the reviews we have received from professional critics and acclaimed sources throughout the industry. DarlyVision Productions is guaranteed to be an experience you won’t want to miss.

Guru Muni Being & Becoming review by
UK Malayalee

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Guru Muni Being & Becoming review by the audience

We thought the documentary was very interesting. 

From a philosophical point of view these are the premises my generation have lived by since the sixties and so agree wholeheartedly with the concept of dualism and expanding into universalism where much of this philosophy is backed up by modern sciences such as quantum theory. One of the pieces I wrote recently includes the lines “my world is part of your world- we are all one world”

So, I see real value in a film like yours and would like to congratulate you and your colleagues for making it.

Del x

First congratulations once again for the documentary. But I also have the opinion that this documentary needs a second part which according to me should contain a script which throws light more on Advaita philosophy and how this Advaita philosophy becomes a set of instruction for the commoner to lead his life without any chaos or worries...Of course at the closure scene of this film swami Muni Narayana Prasad  does say about freedom...But that freedom needs a lot more explanation based on the various aspects of the commoners life......☺️🙏🏼👏🏼

Ojus P Raj

Guru Muni Being & Becoming review by Mathrubhumi

From media coverage and press releases, to behind-the-scenes interviews and exclusive profile pieces, there’s a lot happening for the release of  Guru Muni Being & Becoming Film. Stay in the know by checking out the latest stories and announcements below, and feel free to get in touch for access to even more.

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Guru Muni Being & Becoming review by KeralaKaumudi

A London correspondent of Kalakaumudi Manambur Suresh has been officially covering London Film Festival since 1982.

He is the editor of Youtube travel channel: Planet Search with MS-

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Guru Muni Being & Becoming review by Kerala Link U.K

Philip Abraham

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Guru Muni Being & Becoming review by Dr Toyeba Mushtaq

Project Manager at Tongues on Fire - UK Asian Film Festival

The Being & Becoming!


Saturday, the 15th of October I was invited by writer & director Saleena Sadasivan to share my insights about her documentary titled Guru Muni: Being & Becoming at Stratford East Picturehouse!


It was a thoughtful documentary highlighting how one can be a better person. The documentary is primarily based on the philosophy of life but I couldn’t help but correlating it to what’s happening globally and hence make it more pragmatic!


I also got a chance to represent Tongues On Fire - UK Asian Film Festival; talk about what we do and what we have been doing for 24 years!


Questioning the purpose of life might look far sighted for us but all of us can make genuine efforts to just reflect on ourselves and be a better version of us than what we were yesterday!

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