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8 Things We Learned From Guru Muni: Being & Becoming Documentary Film?

I have been fortunate enough to work with DarlyVision Productions and Saleena Sadasivan and had the opportunity to watch the Documentary Film, Guru Muni: Being and Becoming.

The film showcases the life of Guru Muni Narayana Prasad and follows his life from being a young boy meeting the current Guru at the time in Kerala and developing a desire to become the Guru’s disciple contrasting with the wishes of his father and social practices. He encounters some struggles on this beautiful spiritual journey to find the pursuit for happiness in a world that is so uncertain.

His Absolutist way of life is the philosophy and shares this wisdom for seekers that come to the Gurukula.

There is real intimacy to this inspiring documentary from Saleena and DarlyVision. A production company that captures unique and thoughtful stories that make a difference and bring a change into the world of film.

Guru Muni gives great insight and wisdom within the film into self-discovery and self-acceptance. Guru Muni: Being and Becoming is an incredibly wholesome documentary to watch.

Saleena’s professional directorial skill is unquestionably evident in this film and her way of communicating the actors, cinematographers and enabling the team to work so naturally during Covid is certainly admirable and encouraging in every way and most certainly deserves recognition for this beautiful piece of work.

To create films that have so many levels to them and are so honest is incredibly artistic and makes the documentary film so emotionally wholesome.

Guru Muni gives a touching performance who of course plays himself and has a lot of wise words to share, Oscar worthy!

If you want some insight into changing the way you view yourself and a look into self-discovery and self-acceptance, I recommend watching Guru Muni: Being & Becoming.

Article written by Anousheh Isla Emelie Yazdani

Watch the trailer here:


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