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5 helpful info on making a short abstract film

Prepare !

Cannot emphasise the importance of preparation, its all in your head and you need to translate what you want clearly to the film crew, they can't read your mind , or you will be in for a shock and loose a-lot of money


Development. ...Pre-Production. ...Production. ...Principal Photography. ...Wrap. ...Post-Production. ...Distribution. I'm not technical more creative so needed to plan with others who could support my weaknesses.

Focus on what needs to be done !

You can start worrying about all sorts and lose time on what its going to be like , once you have prepared, then focus on daily actions that move the film forward. Get it done , don't loose your vision but be willing to listen.


You need support and friends and colleges in the field , if you come up with too many strange ideas they can help support your vision but perhaps tell you the truth too, creativity is enhanced when working with others , they can bring fresh insight when it needed. Sometimes brutal decisions need to be made in editing which is very painful as we had to cut from 20min to it to 10 minutes! This is if you are planning on short film festivals.


I have met so many wonderful people in the industry who are willing to help , seriously amazing people , who are so creative and enjoy the work they do for very little financial gain , Why ? Because we love what we do. Its not all about fame and glory , not that i am , or money , not that i am , but about having a creative experience working with others.

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