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HowOne Hundred Verses of Self InstructionCan Keep YouOut of Trouble

We are on the last verse of Atmopadesa- Satakam, "Atmopadesa Śatakam" is a Malayalam philosophical work by Narayana Guru in the form of a poem. It is considered as the classic work of Narayana Guru, who was a social reformer and spiritual leader of Kerala, India. It means "One Hundred Verses of Self Instruction". is in fact a confection in which the Upanishadic teaching is treated as also as way of life. Such a way of life has a fully open and dynamic character, instead of being closed or static as in hide-bound religion or ethics.... (Nataraja Guru 1969 from the preface of his commentary on the Atmopadesa Śatakam)

Swamy Thygeesharan has held classes over 3 years with a group of over 15 people, dedicated study , every week, and the last session is next week. What an incredible journey of the Self by the Self.

The verses has kept me out of trouble, perhaps it may help you too.


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