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How Research and Facts Came From are Making the World a Better Place

We have heard a lot about the film Guru Muni Being and Becoming, the trailer is out but what about who made the film happen. In writing the script, I reinterpreted from Guru Muni's book 'Life and Lessons with a Guru', a small book but written almost like a play. We also used information from his own written autobiography Athmayanam by Muni Narayana Prasad, where he relates his story to his audience and the social realms that he inhabited, making my writing much easier.

As if by magic, a group of research people joined the team, this is how it works at the Gurukula, strange happenings start to take place. I was so thrilled, and a little apprehensive, when they joined initially and their knowledge about Narayana Guru's philosophy was impressive. They showed me huge respect and I quickly felt at ease, and they answered all my questions and doubts. This produced better work because they brought complementary knowledge base and research methods.

The team were all based in Kerala bringing their larger social networks than I knew, living in London. The fantastic main contributors were Dr. Sugeetha, Prof. Pradeepkumar P. I, and Shereena Banu C.P, they were all devoted and willing to support Guru Muni Prasad.

I am so looking forward to meeting them in person at the screening. My respect and kindest of memories of them I will hold dear to me. I am sure, I won't have the pleasure of such a research team again!

We need your support!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

DarlyVision Productions


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