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Knock of Janus

  • Janus is the two-faced Roman god that glimpses both the past and the future.

  • A Roman god, Janus guarded doorways and was therefore the god of auspicious beginnings.

  • Janus developed into a god of all beginnings, and accordingly the month of January was namedin his honour.

  • The two faces of the god Janus had appeared on opposite sides of Rome’s War Gates

We used this painting in the film because it has two faces. Its a bit blurred but if you look closely you can see one face looking down and the other on the opposite side. This was used because it suggests the past and the future. Menopause is a time of change and reflections on what has passed and uncertainties about the future. Perhaps is says something different . Thats why i like abstract work , it has many interpretations.

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