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Fear, Change and Menopause Never Works Out the way you Plan

Bergson the secret ingredient for the film |Knock of Janus

Throughout one's life we face physical and psychological change, from a baby, to a child, to a young adult to a mature adult. So therefore, existence is change. I exist through many forms and understanding of the changes is when I matured. Now I realise I can change again and again, go on creating myself endlessly to what I need to be, when I need to be, in order to exist, time being 'virtual'.

Who was Henri Bergson?

Henri Bergson was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1927. Bergson's ideas on immediate experience and intuition in understanding actual time and reality inspired me.

Quote by Henri Bergson

"To Exist Is to Change,

To Change Is to Mature,

To Mature Is to Go On Creating Oneself Endlessly... "

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