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What inspired me to make a short film and write a menopause blog?

I used a lot of my own experiences and those of others that I know around me as a short story writer.

I’m interested in how ideas are formed in our minds or presented to us. Are they by choice? How much is choice and how much is conditioning? How do these ideas affect the way we live? I am so interested I even wrote a menopause song.

Vicky, in the film, is conditioned to think of the changes in her life as negative and fearful. How did these ideas become embedded in her unconscious? Can she reconnect to her intuitive Self? If so, how? Vicky's culture and environment has conditioned her to think in a certain way, how can she think differently?

I am also interested in how and with whom knowledge is shared, what knowledge is shared? Who decides what should be shared? How ideas are exchanged, whether through images or the written word and how these ideas shape our understanding of our world. Vicky struggles to understand her wants and needs in her world.

I’m also interested in knowledge and power, who controls power and how does it influence one's life. Is power used to repress or enlighten us? Vicky at the beginning does not recognise her potential power but is influenced by what she has been told, conditioned by other people’s experiences of the menopause. What if Vicky learnt to harness her power and live the life that could ensure her happiness?

Will Vicky learn to be free from fear? Will she conquer her moments of self doubt? Is she really free to make the choices that is best for her? Can she through her experience present another perspective on menopause and change?

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