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'Love Song to the Self' Theme song to 'Knock of Janus'

People have asked me, who wrote the lyrics to the song and they are surprised when I told them that I wrote it. In fact, I’m surprised too! It was a great experience and I feel privileged that I got to experience writing the words and then hearing your own words being sung beautifully with wonderful music. A memorable moment in my life, positive aspects of producing and directing your own film. You get to make decisions on the creative aspects as well as the practical details.

It happened when I was sitting in the morning with a cup of tea and listening to music before starting the day. I was feeling frustrated after hearing a woman talking about women being inferior to men, I could not express my feelings so I grabbed a paper and pen and wrote the words in vent and with the film in mind. I ran downstairs to Hema and asked her what she thought, she is my hard critique, when she said it's really good mum, I knew I had something.

Del, the music composer for Knock of Janus, was amazing , he listened to the ideas I had and suggested some songs to me. I presented him with my written lyrics hesitantly and was embarrassed to share them with him as I thought he would laugh. He then turned to his piano, we were in his music room in his garden, he started to breathe it into a song. Melanie and I looked at each other and we were so happy with it.

Del then asked me the type of songs I liked and we left him with the lyrics. A few days later, he sent me a version of the song with his original piano music. Wow! It was an amazing feeling. I just sat down and looked at Subash in total shock, being sung were my words.

Please let me know if you have had a similar experience or moments of creativity.

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