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6 Ways , Why Do I Do What I Do , Can Find You, the Love of Your Life

I'm fascinated by human behaviour. Human behaviour is a spectrum of contradictions and extremities; don't you think?...

For example, humans have the intelligence to land a man in space, give birth to life and the nurturing capacity to care for its young, while also having the capacity to kill innocent children.

Most people relate on an intellectual level, however I connect more on an emotional level,I consciously engage with my feelings which triggers me to write and tell stories. The freedom to do this is a precious outlet.

What drives me?

1.It creates emotions in me that need expression. These emotions are what drives me to take action.

2. The need to express freely , without fear that I am going to be silenced.

3. Be able to access Self knowledge, the knowledge, I mean that allows for inner peace.

4. The concept of Unitive Vision being accessible to all.

5. Through sharing my experiences both through my stories and films I hope to raise awareness and make a positive contribution to society. This is rewarding on a personal level as well as bringing some insight into issues that need to be discussed.

So what I'm saying is ...

6. Once I became more consciously aware of the motives of my habits, it was easier for me to change them. What I thought I was doing with my life which felt at the time were my decisions and choices, were actually habits. Just like Vicky, in the film, Knock of Janus.

So I began by looking at some habits which were not conducive to my happiness and I started to make small changes, eventually to finding the love of my life. I hope you do too!

Please comment and let me know what you think. If you like this blog please subscribe!

References I used for the above; At harvard business review Charles Duhigg, reporter for The New York Times and author of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business talks to Justin Fox.

What Tony Robbins suggests in his TED Talk -Feb 2006 By Nataraja Guru

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