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The 7 Best Resources for Should I Make Films

Making a film isn't easy and it is time consuming and expensive, but despite this, it can make a huge difference! I grew up watching films made by middle aged men, just like you did.

I didn't understand then, that the perspectives that my daughter and I were identifying with of women in film, were made by male writers and directors. What? Is this true? No way! I didn't believe this either at first, but check out the statistics on the number of female, writer, directors and producers.

How powerful is this medium in portraying women ? Think about it. Is it not time our children both male and female identify with impressions of women by women? What would young boy's views of women be if they were presented with more balanced perspectives?

Come on, you know it's time women made more films including writing and directing. Support women filmmakers in order to re-address the gender imbalance in the film industry.

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Here are some great inspirational and practical resources:

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