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How Mental Health Awareness, Changed How We Think About Death

As we are talking about mental health issues this week, it made me think about Vicky, the main character in 'Knock of Janus', a woman experiencing mental health issues.

In directing, Melanie Palmer, who plays Vicky, to act the role of a woman who faces physical and psychological change during her menopause was a journey itself.

Change whatever in life is surely a transition? Mel took to the role very quickly as she herself was going through changes in her life.

Time passes, whether it is death, the inevitable fear looming ahead, or accrued habits attached to the past laying dormant in memory, the present inevitably remains unexplored.

How often do we actually experience the moment of the event we have spent so much money or time in pursuing?

Is change a Possibility?

I think, a possibility perspective on change could promote positive mental health, bringing excitement and joy. Probability perspective could suggest a chance of outcomes of doubt, uncertainties, leading to perhaps fear.

Accepting and exploring the possibilities of change could bring new perspectives in dealing with some cases of mental health issues, like anxiety.

Watch the trailer for 'Knock of Janus', and share your views on whether it addresses your experience, of mental health issues.

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