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Martin Scorsese and others interview on Stanley Kubrick's life (2001) - 2017

Watched the above interview recently, it is brilliant! A real treat. Make sure you have quality time, it is 56 minutes long.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) the film earned Kubrick his Oscar, for Best Visual Effects, not for best film or direction though, perhaps too ahead of his time? Far advanced in terms of technology, his vision of another world and yes, the special effects, are awesome.

The music penetrates your psyche from the beginning, his depiction of time and space so meticulous and powerful. If you are going to make a film, make it meaningful! Very rarely do I have tears after watching a film but this was one of them.

Kubrick went on to direct the historical epic Spartacus (1960), one of my favourites when I was young.

With The Shining (1980), he became one of the first directors to make use of a Steadicam for stabilised and fluid tracking shots.

His last film, Eyes Wide Shut, was completed shortly before his death in 1999 at the age of 70. I was amazed by his relentless search for deeper meaning, his thirst for what makes us human. He covers a wide range of genre films.

These are only some of his works, some controversial but what’s the point of making a film that doesn't get people to think and discuss.

If you enjoy films that are thought provoking and like to chat, please join us @

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