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How Change Can Help You Live a Better Life

I am like Vicky's character in Knock of Janus, a creature of habit. Given my way, I would probably do what I do out of routine, but I’m glad it is not always my way.

The other day, I had to renew my passport, which would have taken over four hours, I was frustrated and angry, why is this happening? I have so much to do! I handed in my passport at the office for renewal begrudgingly, conscious of time.

Then, I decided to go to the Tate nearby to kill time, which I have not been to for a long-time, even though I love art and painting. I have not had the time to allow myself to do something I really love?

Anyway, I started to walk from the office block to the Tate and had a fabulous walk, weather was sunny. I arrived to discover there was an exhibition at the Tate Britain.

'All Too Human'. Bacon, Freud and younger female artists like Celia Paul, Jenny Savillean and Cecily Brown and a century of painting life were in exhibition.

I had a fantastic day in London, once I welcomed the distraction from work, I was lost in moments of inspiration and wonder, what talent were on display!

When I could not walk anymore, I collected my new passport with renewed energy, my head buzzing with ideas and I came back very happy. I realised then that I am glad life takes a different turning from what I want. I realised then that change perhaps is a blessing in a deceptive cloak, whether a renewal of an old passport, or a Knock at the door. Who knows?

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