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Unbelievable! Dougie Brimson likes Knock of Janus, Film Trailer Success Stories

I’m excited, Dougie Brimson likes DarlyVision Productions and has watched the trailer for Knock of Janus. He wrote "it was a pleasure to watch the trailer ", and wants to know when and where he can see the full film.

We all need some appreciation some times, and from someone who is respected in the screen writing and film world as he is, it comes as a massive morale booster.

I often get lost in my world and forget that others need support and appreciation too. I am busy thinking about promoting my work far too often when we can spend some time to support each other, our goals might actually be the same.

Who is Dougie Brimson?

'........In 2003 Dougie made the move into screen writing first with the critically acclaimed short movie It's a Casual Life and then with his first full length feature, the Hollywood funded Green Street starring Elijah Wood. Following its release in September 2005, the film won numerous awards including: Narrative Jury Prize - SXSW Film Festival Narrative Feature Audience - SXSW Film Festival Best of Festival - Malibu Film Festival Jury Award (feature) - Malibu Film Festival Official Selection - Tribeca Film Festival After a successful worldwide cinema release, the movie went on to sell over 80,000 DVD units during its first week on sale in the UK alone...'

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