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When Writing the script was Challenging Sends You Running for Cover

I thought writing the script was challenging enough. When this was done I felt tremendous, because I felt I had accomplished what Herzog taught us to do. Then came the Pre-production, well that got me looking up on YouTube many long nights, by the way YouTube is Fab. If that was not enough then came the actual directing, I learnt the hard way that staying up until 3am in the morning filming is much easier when your 16years old!

Then I felt proud, I did it! I did it my way!!! the film is made and now everyone will want to show it and I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my hard labour...No! I found the biggest hurdle is marketing and promoting your films in the mesmerising world of distribution, which is when I woke up from la-la land;

I don't normally like to moan but I did find myself feeling disillusioned by the distribution industry. Where is diversity in the film industry, did I miss the signposts?

Moaning done, now I am showing the film. We made a film that makes a difference, feeling better, well at least until the next lot of bills come in. So please, if you want to promote new artists from diverse backgrounds and enjoy films that are thought-provoking and inclusive come along to our film screening on the 10th November 2018@ Mirth Marvel and Maud.

Please Support Independent film makers, women in film and join us to celebrate the film screening of the short film 'Knock of Janus' @

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