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3 secrets about How I Manage the Psychological UnrestsYour TeachersWouldn't Tell You

How I Manage psychological unrest and anxiety which teachers never taught!

1. There are so many distractions from us connecting with ourselves, consumerism, capitalism, religion and so on. However, taking 20 minutes a day sitting still has helped me in dealing with anxiety.

My anxiety started around the beginning of my menopause, a taboo subject then. I did not recognise nor understand the change and transformation I was going through, and neither did I connect my fears to my physical and emotional changes. Now, I am free from anxiety and depression.

2. Ethics concerns good behaviour, moral principles that govern a person's behaviour. What is good behaviour? A mother tells her child to be good, but the child cannot visualise clearly what the mother means by 'good'. Unless we understand clearly what values and principles really mean, we may make detrimental assumptions, about ourselves and others.

However, I found that when I stopped trying to live up to other people’s expectations and realised my own negative self-image, in time, my anxiety and depression reduced, I discovered universal values and principles, not defined by a culture set in time. I started to read and study philosophy; a new journey began though I did not recognize it then, it became a life changing creative process.

3. Beside oneself, there is the other, who is also involved in the unrest. One is asked to be good to oneself and to somebody else at the same time. (The film Guru Muni - Being and Becoming is based on the philosophy of Sree Narayana Guru, one of the most important South India's wisdom teachers.When challenging times loom, I look inwards as a way of dealing with external conflicts, powerful methods of self-care.

Please join us at DarlyVision on this exciting ride! Hidden gems to be re-discovered!

We are embarking on a journey through a documentary film, Guru Muni -Being and Becoming. Please join us at DarlyVision on this exciting ride! Hidden gems to be re-discovered!

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