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When the film is completed..

Today, as Director, I received from our Editor, the final version of the feature documentary film Guru Muni - Being And Becoming with subtitles in English.

Making a film is not for the faint hearted, Guru Muni - Being And Becoming, faced many challenging days, and all during Covid. If it wasn’t for people who placed their utmost trust in us, like Swamy Tanmaya, Swamy Tyagweeswaran and Guru Muni, and the amazing crew that joined the team, there would be no film. We re-discovered that film is a wonderful collaborative process, and an incredibly creative experience.

As people had so much faith in us, we were determined not to let them down. This started from the beginning of last year, from writing the script to screenplay to directing, a rollercoaster of emotions from joy, frustration to satisfaction on seeing the final film before screening. Over one whole year of learning, meeting artists sharing ideas and collaborating.

Our dedicated Producer Pravin had a tiny budget for the film, with clear deadline from the beginning to the end. With the film now ready, was it all worth it? Why do I feel blessed to have had such an experience?

Be sure to watch the film and please do share the blogs to share the wonderful philosophy to others so they too can become aware of help that the Gurukula is doing.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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