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Doing Finding One's Voice the Right Way As in, if you're not reading this, you're doing it WRONG

I am unconscious of my behaviour at times, and some aspects of myself have become part of my nature. We live in a society that has it rules and conduct. How were MY rules made? Who made them, did I? What if I cannot live accordingly? What does it take, to break way, and create new rules that enhance my life and happiness, as well as others? Between the I and the ego there is resistance.

Even I can hurt people, though my intentions are good, the effect can be painful.

It takes a certain courage and a sense of conviction in myself, an awareness of who I truly am. However, Self-doubt creeps in, I falter, I fall, I harm myself or others, all because I am unsure of who, I really am.

If you, like me, enjoy philosophy and debates, please get in touch, I am wondering what topics we should raise? If you have any suggestion or ideas please let us know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

DarlyVision Productions


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